Mindful Minis are the UK’s number 1 mindfulness workshop provider. Our team are passionate about finding early interventions to prevent the increasing mental health problems in our young people. Through a range of workshops, training, journals and guides we offer a complete package to schools to work along side the mindfulness lead with a contact in our team supporting your school throughout the year.

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Complete Mindfulness School Package

Teachers, students and parents will be provided with resources to create an understanding of how we can use different tools to improve our mental health. 

visits from our experienced team

Our mindful minis team will visit your school and provide a warm introduction to the concepts of mindfulness

guidance for teachers and parents

Before and/or after school meetings included, coupled with detailed information to support mindfulness in school and at home.

Journals for the Children

Our mindfulness journals will be sent directly to the school for the students to complete each day


Developing our students understanding of yoga, meditation, breathing and emotions are some of the elements we focus on in our workshops

We provide an all round holistic approach to mindfulness education

We provide our mindfulness education to students across the UK at primary school to try and prepare them for the range of different challenges they will face whilst going up

Our philosophy is based on prevention rather than cure

Reception to Year 6

Sessions Adapted for Classes of All Ages

Anywhere in School

Hall, Field, Playground, Classrooms

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Benefits for Children and Teachers


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Improve Concentration

With the progression of technology and smart devices, being less distractible is essential now more than ever.

Peace and Tranquility

Breathing techniques that increase energy and decrease anxiety providing effective coping methods for handling stress.

Develop Patience

Try and try again. The skill to stick and perservere with tasks is an important part of children’s learning processes

Understand Emotions

Try and try again. The skill to stick and perservere with tasks is an important part of children’s learning processes

Efficient Learning

A healthy mind needs a healthy body. A healthy body needs a healthy mind. One helps the other in synergy

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Providing our Mindful Minis Visits Around the UK

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  • Sarah Howard

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